The answer:” ABSOLUTELY I’ve done it, starting at the tender young age of 50, “proclaims Bill Gatten...
Real Estate Investor, Trainer, Speaker and Investor of the Land Trust Buying System known as the
PACTrust/NEHTrust buying system.
No Down! No New Loan!
Electronic copy (4.2MB PDF) of the original print edition of "No Down! No New Loan!" available for free download.

A Realtor's(R) and layman's explanation of the PACTrust(tm) for simple, safe and legal title-shielding in "seller-carries (seller-assisted financing)," without undue compromise of a lender's "due-on-sale" clause. This short and easy-to-read book is pertinent to ALL seller-assisted financing arrangements and non-traditional RE sales or purchases (lease options, purchase options, equity shares, wraps, contracts for deed, subject-to's, etc.). Learn how to achieve maximum protection through: 1) vesting the property with a land trust trustee; 2) naming a "remainder (co) beneficiary in the trust;" and 3) leasing the property to that same co-beneficiary via a triple-net occupancy agreement: thus enabling a silent conveyance of all the benefits of homeownership, including income tax write-off, appreciation and principal reduction. All without an outright sale or title transfer, or jeopardy to the property re. the potential for either party's future personal or legal problems.

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