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Via a unique documentation system that utilizes the (Illinois-type) title-holding land trust model, ( is able to provide the professional real estate community a truly exceptional and safe vehicle for acquiring, selling and dealing with single-family Real Estate (1 to 4 units)...without standard down-payment requirements, without a new loan, without credit applications and/or credit history issues. Owner-Carry financing can at last be accomplished safely and conveniently without undue lender compromise relative to contractual transfer and alienation admonitions (i.e., in regard to the "Due-on-Sale Clause": see Garn-St. Germain 1982, FDIRA, 12USC 1701-j-3).*

Understand that violating a lender's due-on-sale clause is never against the law (i.e., DOSC = A lender's warning that the property can be foreclosed upon and the loan called should it be sold or transferred without authorization). A violation of the DOSC merely compromises the lenders wishes and can result in termination of the mortgage and foreclosure on their security at the lender's discretion. In the event of such action, it would be sanctioned and fully supported by law (FDIRA 1982/12USC1701-j-3) except under certain circumstances,
one being the placement of the property into an inter-vivos trust (such as in the land trust). An analogy: It's not against the law to talk during a movie: but with proper advance warning the theater owner is supported by law should he chose to eject you for doing so. In this regard is is important to clearly understand that placement of a mortgaged property into a land trust and leasing it out to an unrelated co-beneficiary is authorized (indirectly by non-prohibition) by law [the Garn-St. Germain Law]: FDIRA 1982/12USC1701-j-3.

The Equity Holding Trust(tm) is comprised of two forms -- 1) the PACTrust(tm), typically involving only two parties a Settlor Beneficiary and a Resident Beneficiary (i.e., "seller" and "buyer"), and 2) the EHTrust(tm), involving three beneficiaries: Settlor (seller), Investor (buyer), and Resident (co-buyer).

Overall, the Equity Holding Trust(tm) encompasses a combination of documentation including, but not limited to: 1) the Land Trust, 2) an Assignment of Beneficiary Interest, 3) a Co-Beneficiary Agreement, 4) a Triple-Net Possessory (lease) Agreement, and 5) a Limited and Revocable Power of Attorney. And through its various permutations, it effectively accomplishes the purpose and all the objectives of: Lease Options, Lease Purchases, Contracts for Deed, Land Contracts, Wrap-Around Mortgage schemes, Equity Sharing and even wholesale "flipping" and assignments. And it does all of this without undue and/or notorious due-on-sale compromise...and without the specific necessity for new financing, credit strength or large cash requirement (if any at all). We at pride ourselves in saying that we teach investors how to: " without credit; for nothing down and for nothing per-month." Likewise, we are well known for enabling Realtors to sell--with full commissions--'TO' people with minimal cash and credit; and 'FOR' people who may have little or no equity in their homes...or for those who may be faced with bankruptcy, divorce, short-sale, foreclosure, forfeiture, mandatory liquidation or worse.

The Equity Holding Trust model works exceedingly well for buyers, sellers, Realtors?, and investors alike. The various programs created and promoted by have been employed successfully without legal incident or challenge with regard to IRS, lenders, or legal and accounting issues since the company's inception in 1984 (at this writing, that's nearly 20 years in business and many hundreds of transactions). has, within the real estate sales and investment community, garnered a truly exceptional record and reputation for its professionalism and integrity, along with the integrity of the various Equity Holding Trust(tm) programs it promotes.

All programs were specifically designed to enhance and protect all parties involved in any form of creative real estate financing, and to afford the most safety and least risk potential with regard to virtually any type of real estate letting, sale, transfer or acquisition. Through the use of the Equity Holding Trust(tm) ordinary cash and/or credit restrictions can be easily and comfortably dealt with, if not completely eliminated. A co-beneficiary owned Equity Holding Trust(tm) property is very solidly protected and shielded from actions associated with any party's: past bankruptcy; creditor claims and civil judgments; litigation in marital dissolution; Probate actions...and even state and federal income tax liens.

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