The answer:” ABSOLUTELY I’ve done it, starting at the tender young age of 50, “proclaims Bill Gatten...
Real Estate Investor, Trainer, Speaker and Investor of the Land Trust Buying System known as the
PACTrust/NEHTrust buying system.
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Image Adam's Question:
One of our newer network members, Adam Albright, posed the following scenario. Bill Gatten's response to his question.

Another Butt Kicking:
A year ago I offered "The Challege" to a gentleman...


Avoiding the DOS:


Bad Credit, No Cash - End of the World? No Way!
Can you buy real estate and get wealthy despite having 'No,' 'Marginal,' or even 'Bad' Credit?


Bailouts Revisted:
In answer to a recent question by a Network Member regarding percentages of splits with potential seller-prospect in Foreclosure..


Bend With the Trend:
Where I live there hasn't been any appreciation in real estate for several years now. If I truly want to pursue being a real estate investor, should I move elsewhere, or wait for the market to turn?

Image Building a Canoe:
The following is a recent letter to Network Members who suggested that he might want to reconsider using the NETrust or PACTrust because it takes longer to facilitate...

Bumped Equity

Image Choosing an Attorney
How to find an attorney that understands Landtrusts
Image We're in Control
..We as individuals are absolutely in charge. Not just of our destinies, but in the clockwork of the Universe itself.
Image Diary of a Deal
A PACTrust Deal from beginning to end.
Image Elevator Speech
So, what is your Elevator Speech?

Expired Listings
What to do with those expired listings.


Are You Worthy? (Posted 4/2005)
Prayers, wishes, wants, needs, death and dying...And do you honestly deserve what you wish for?


Should you...? (Posted 4/2005)
Should you wear suspenders with your belt?


Can a Land Trust help... (Posted 4/2005)
Can a land trust help avoid the perils of innovative real estate financing?


CRE Success (Posted 4/2005)
...and Natural Law


CRE Success Part 2 (Posted 4/2005)


CRE Success Part 3 (Posted 4/2005)


How to Screen a Tenant (Posted 4/2005)


Finding an Attorney (Posted 4/2005)


Big Fat "Lies" (Posted 4/2005)
Big fat "lies" to tell so you can have your way in the Creative Real Estate Business.


Archived Newsletter Articles:

December 1, 2003
It's Already Yours, You Need but Request Delivery.
Communicating with Your Mental Administrator

February 12, 2004
The Equity Holding Trust™
Features, Benefits...and Other Stuff.

More Articles:

ImageBill Gatten's Response to John T. Reed's Unfounded Accusations
Bill Gatten responds to John T. Reed's tilting with a point by point rebuttal. Also, here's the Discussion Group thread related to the rebuttal. (Discussion Group)

The Challenge:
You've heard and read about "The Challege" on this and other Websites. Well, this is how "The Challege" got started.

Take Charge!:
Read this inspirational article by Mr. Gatten about how life is meant to be taken by the horns and how accepting your lot in life can only do you well.


Other Informative Articles by Bill Gatten

The "Sort'a motivated" seller and the PACTrust™
An Answer To A Recent Inquiry About 'How to Handle Sellers
With Little or No Equity, 'Who might be Wary of the Lender's
Due-on-Sale Clause or Other Dangers of Transferring Title
By Bill Gatten

"Why Rent? No Down, No Bank Qualifying, As little as 2-3 payments closing costs can move you in. Call about incredible trust property opportunity."
By Bill Gatten

Bogus Lease Options
A Purchase by Any Name
By Stephen Stralka

Another Weird Story
Re. A purported Lease Option Arbitration
By Bill Gatten

The 3RDParty Co-Beneficiary Land Trust and "Low," "No" or Negative Equity Properties
Income Property with No Down, No Bank Qualifying and No Payments. To Good To Be True?
By Bill Gatten

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