The Latest Treasury Bailout of the Subprime mortgages

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The Latest Treasury Bailout of the Subprime mortgages

Postby corkhorner » Fri Sep 19, 2008 8:11 pm

Well, it should be old news now, with the pres announcing the latest approach to alleviating banks liquidity problems by relieving them of their junks loans.

The questions to be answered in the future relate to the loans themselves as to interest/payment resets, forgiveness, or will they simply foreclose and settle the pain for everyblody?

One of the concepts is the funny money loans and upside down situations will self correct in the future.

Interesting, challenging and exciting times.
In my view, creative seller and buyer financing is still a doable formula.

Scott M, et al?

As always, I look forward to jumping into the fray.

cork horner
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