You Must Maintain Control

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You Must Maintain Control

Postby Scott_L._Moyes » Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:10 pm

I have to admit, I don't have enough knowledge or information regarding A4V. I have talked to people who have used it for Credit Card and Medical Accounts but never for a Mortgage. I am not privee to the LFC Legal Calls and haven't heard their Attorney's arguments. Based only on what I do know, experienced and learned, A4V involves too much risk and speculation for me to promote or use myself.

Gary hit it right on the head, either the contract is invalid or it isn't. Both LFC and ThreeAcrh programs challenge the validity of the mortgage or deed-of-trust contract in their own ways. You either pay $7500 upfront and leave it to a group that claims much success or you purchase all the material yourself for $3000 and do it on your own with material that hasn't shown much, if any, success. *Success defined as a totally free and clear title and property.

As for me, as I make calls and offers and simply letting sellers (typically those in distress), know what there possible options are. My initial offer is always to leave existing financing in place. If that isn't possible, which you will find out by asking the original call script questions, then I will suggest other options, such as Short Sale or Mortgage Relief.

BTW, I am only referring them to my LFC Affiliate Link and site. They either understand it and want to purchase the material and work the process or they don't. I am no longer making an EHT/LFC offer. My entire focus is on straight up Sub-To Offers via a NARS EHTrust, period.

Since taking this approach I've had several sellers purchase the LFC program, which made me an affiliate commission and my calls and offer totals have gone back up. I am only concerned and focused on those willing to leave their existing financing and equity, if any, in place for a min of 5 years, no less. As a result, and like I said, the number of calls, offers and signed NEOs has gone up and my affiliate commissions have also increased.

Those that choose the LFC or other options work directly with the vendor and I have no further unnecessary or time consuming obligation them whatsoever. They either follow through on their own or give up but I am not making their problem, my problem. I'm tired of babysitting and taking time away from "The Main Thing" (i.e. the NARS EHTrust Transfer)

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a big fan of LFC and will continue to refer Homeowners to the LFC site and educational material, but I am no longer making offers based on an LFC/EHT combination unless the Seller purchases the LFC material and pays for trust setup first.

Yep, I know, that will reduce or eliminate a lot of potential deals. The key word here is "potential", which I have no control over. What I do have control over is... Making Calls, Making EHT Offers and Placing RBs in Properties. I get more calls, more offers accepted and have much more time to locate and place RBs in my properties.

I also have the flexibility, control and power to determine who and for how much I need to upfront to make the deal happen.

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