Sept 1 2012 Don't miss the Phoenix Boat

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Sept 1 2012 Don't miss the Phoenix Boat

Postby corkhorner » Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:09 pm

It's leaving the Wealth Building Harbor.....I am not here sweating a bottle of water per hour for naught!
Hot? So is the nation. Phx ius the fastest recovering market.

I am looking for a team that wants to make a few million in appreciation or flipping profit next year or two.

Phx has something for everybody. Forget about 'hot'.

You in the game with me as a joint venture passive member sharing in cash flow/profit?

My specialty is 50 years repair, remod, development, new const and creating transactions.

Are you waiting for something? What?

cork horner
Phx/San Diego
write me direct
Credit Repair/Restoration
Successful people have better information by asking better questions and taking action.....
Cork Horner
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