Do you have money that is earning less than 10%?

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Do you have money that is earning less than 10%?

Postby rogierobinson » Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:10 pm

Do you have money that is earning less than 10%?

• Sick of earning 1% on your money in CDs or savings accounts?

• Sick of the risk and stress associated with the fluctuation of stocks only for mediocre returns with little if any control?

Make your money work harder for you with a potentially safer and more secure investment in real estate! We can also steer you towards using a self-directed IRA to minimize any tax implications.

We are looking for more private money lenders. Our company has been getting so many deals that we need more sources of money!

We buy short sales at a good discount and then resell them as traditional sales at a profit. Most of the ones we buy need very little work and we can turn them around very quickly. We use private money loans to fund the purchase of the properties and then repay the loans at the closing of the resale transaction. Here are the highlights:

- Very attractive returns for short-term money: 2 points for the first 30 days then 1 point every 30 days thereafter to a maximum of 12 points. You can do the math regarding the annual rate of return!

- Average time of loan is about 60 days.

- Loan secured by a 1st Deed of Trust and we usually purchase the properties at 70 - 80% of market value.

- Hazard insurance is provided in your name to protect your investment.

- An appraisal, property inspection report, and a copy of the termite report are all provided.

- All transactions are handled through an escrow company and a title company.

- In some cases (usually major rehabs), you can participate in profit sharing.

- We can provide references of past private money lenders as well.

Here is an example:

• Purchase price is $250,000.
• Private funding from you = $250,000.

• Your return possibilities:
o Property sells in 31 - 60 days to the end buyer. You would receive your initial investment of $250,000 + an additional 3 points, or $7500!
o Property sells in 61 – 90 days. You would receive your initial investment + an additional 4 points, or $10,000!

How does that return compare to what you are receiving now?

Typically, we already have an end-buyer in place but due to lender restrictions, we must hold the property for a minimum of 30 days before reselling. And due to the scarcity of properties on the market – in San Diego County there is an inventory of approximately 1.5 months, an historical low – reselling properties has not been an issue and multiple offers is the norm.

Since this is short-term funding, don't worry as our pipeline is quite full. So when you get your money back with a great return and want to reinvest it, we will have plenty of deals for you to do just that.

By the way, the average home price in San Diego is currently around $350,000. Our “sweet spot” is between $200,000 - $450,000 but we have purchased both lower and much, much higher.

We have flipped over 100 properties over the last 10 years, so you are not dealing with beginners!

We pay referral fees, too, so let your friends and family know to tell me that you referred them. And if you refer us to a short sale lead that we are able to close, we will pay you a referral fee for that, too.

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