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Our Product : A Fortune in Free Real Estate
Price: 19.95
Description: The Real Land Trust Transfer System Many have read about land trusts, studied them and maybe even used them. But few know that when properly structured and appended, the Title-Holding Land Trust allows for ALL of the following:
  • Two and Three party real estate transfers without new financing
  • Taking-over another's payments without a lender's "due-on-sale" violation
  • Acquisition of unlimited RE without cash or credit qualifying ("Free" Real Estate)
  • Making BIG money fast/safely with minimal or NO cash or credit
  • Shielding property from lawsuits and creditor liens, including IRS claims
  • Receiving greater rental income, while reducing a tenant's rental cost
  • All the objectives or "Subject-To," financing without title transfer ...and more!


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The Title of this Masterpiece is no joke, or words just to sell more books. I have used the NARS EHTrut System described in Bill's book now for almost 5 years and today I control multi-millions of dollars of Real Estate that I got all for FREE!

In short, Simply Amazing!
01/09/2006 - Scott L. Moyes

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