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Our Product : How to Make it Big in No Down, No Credit Real Estate Investing . . . And Keep It (Hard Copy Binder)
Price: 159.95
Description:The Big Book, 'How to Make it Big in Creative RE Financing, and Keep It..This Time.' A comprehensive mini-course covering all aspects of, and documentation for, creative real estate financing - from Lease Options and Wrap-Arounds to Contracts for Deed, Equity Shares and more. Yours in hard-copy and on a CD Rom. 500 Pages of easy-to-read (even occasionally humorous) motivation, goal-setting, habit-elimination, charts, graphs, scripts and documentation. The primary focus is, of course, on the incredible and inimitable Equity Holding Trust(tm) Transfer System (i.e., the PACTrust(tm) and the NEHTrust(tm)).


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This has to be best book of its type that has ever been written. It ispacked with information, wry wit and humor all the way through.
12/13/2005 - bob

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