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Our Product : Quick Start Success Pack
Price: 975.00
  • Full 18-20-Hour Workshop on Audio CD's with Workbook and Sales Aids (Newspaper Ads, Phone Call Presentations, Lender Forbearance Letters and Junior Lender Discount Scripts, Etc.)
  • Audio Recordings of Various Radio and TV Talk Shows featuring the NARS Equity Holding Trust, including 3 shows with A.D. Kessler, the undisputed Original Guru and Granddaddy of this Business
  • Table-Top Presentation Flip-Chart Presentation Kit with Accompanying Audio Narrative
  • Flip-Chart Presidentation also on CD ROM
  • The Mini-course "Making it Big in Creative R.E. Financing... and Keeping It This Time" by Bill J. Gatten
  • The PDF book - "No Down! No New Loan!" by Bill J. Gatten
  • The Book - "A Fortune in Free Real Estate" (NEW) by Bill J. Gatten and Atty Jan Caldwell
  • Full Forms and Documentation Manual (Deeds, Trusts, Assignments, Options, Etc.) - hard copy
  • Weekly Large-Group Telecoaching Sessions (ea. Sat. 9:00AM, PST)

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    What an incredible wealth of information put together here!! Well written, insightful and backed by the most innovative techniques available in CRE. Strongly recommended to anyone serious about success.
    Dave-ABQ, New Mexico
    12/13/2005 - Dave Hurlbrink
    I am a new member and I am particularly interested in organizational credibility. Within the advertisement of the product "Quick Start Success Pack" is a reference made to Mr. A.D. Kessler as being the undisputed original guru of your methodologies when in fact, my research indicates, public and published complaints regarding the business practices of this man. They are many and they are NOT favorable. What say any of you?
    Thank you - Mr. Chase Carrera.
    04/02/2007 - Chase Carrera
    Hi NARS Team, I have the success pack, but seem to be possibly missing the Documintation hard copies that will allow me to start making my offers. I only have copies that are pretyped and used only for illistration purposes. Am I missing something...? or is there another disc I'm supposed to purshase before I can get started. Please advise. Thank you! Christina Gray
    03/07/2008 - Christina Gray

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