The answer:” ABSOLUTELY I’ve done it, starting at the tender young age of 50, “proclaims Bill Gatten...
Real Estate Investor, Trainer, Speaker and Investor of the Land Trust Buying System known as the
PACTrust/NEHTrust buying system.
Land Trusts
Seller Benefits

As a prospective seller, are you burdened by being...

  • Over encumbered?
  • Upside down in a rental property?
  • Faced with foreclosure or short sale?
  • Tired of waiting for a buyer?
  • Drowning in expenses on a 'don't wanter'?
  • Facing tougher monthly payments?
  • In need of a fast escrow?
  • Tired of income property management and negligent tenants?
  • Fed up with negative cash flow on your rentals?
  • Hoping to avoid assessment of probate and gift taxes upon your heirs?
  • In need of a legal shield against liens, judgment creditors, bankruptcy, divorce actions (even IRS tax liens)?
The Equity Holding Trust™ is the Answer! Less Costly. Safer. Simpler - for any seller willing to remain on the loan, while someone else makes all the payments and handles all the costs of maintenance, management, repair and upkeep.

A truly dynamic and logical alternative to Short Sale or Foreclosure:
  • Avoids any income tax on Debt Relief while averting credit record damage.
  • Eliminates the costly pitfalls of renting or leasing the property.
  • Stops the expense of negative cash flow, maintenance and vacancies.
  • Lessens costs of disposition, in that buyers can share in closing costs and real estate Commissions.
  • Circumvents income tax on capital gain. Shields all parties against tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies and marital disputes.
A safe and extremely effective and prudent way to dispose of unwanted property, or to manage Single Family Residence property.
  • Sale Tax Benefits
  • Eliminate management and maintenance costs
  • Profit while someone else makes the payments and handles the maintenance and repairs
  • Accomplish all modes of seller-carry financing without due-on-sale violation
  • Legally shield the property

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