The answer:” ABSOLUTELY I’ve done it, starting at the tender young age of 50, “proclaims Bill Gatten...
Real Estate Investor, Trainer, Speaker and Investor of the Land Trust Buying System known as the
PACTrust/NEHTrust buying system.
Experience the Magic of Land Trusts

Attend a live 2 1/2 day Land Trust Workshop with Bill Gatten and learn the magic of Land Trusts!


Many make big promises. Fewer keep them. We make the promise in advance that you will learn how to create real wealth, then teach you step by step, then we show you in class by actually doing it!


  • Learn about landtrusts, their basis, what makes them so great to use?
  • How to structure a real estate transaction without using your own cash or credit.
  • How to make big Bucks on acquiring properties that have no equity in them.....really!
  • How to protect yourself and your assets from liens, suits and judgements using landtrusts.
  • Acquire properties subject to existing financing without triggering due-on-sale clauses. Legally! (no sneaking around like subject to's)
  • Exact verbiage to use to acquire properties and find motivated sellers
  • ....and this is just getting started. Come and you will leave with much,much more.


 Watch Bill in ACTION. I PROMISE he will personally spend the last half day with all of you who choose to attend this amazing event, as we make phone calls to aquire properties and hand them to the attendees, so that everyone gets to see exactly how houses are acquired for no cash and no credit. Everyone in the class will experience and see properties being called on, negotiated on, and yes, acquired, by students with Bills help right there, for no cash, no credit.......LIVE!

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